24 Days

24 days til the big move out day. Let me tell you, my parents are going to miss me. I am pretty much the favorite child. My Dad (he’s so precious) won’t usually admit it, but he is going to go crazy without me around. In fact, my dear old Dad listed off some rules for me once I move out into the big scary world…

  • Don’t go anywhere alone ever. (Is he going to provide me with a personal body guard? If not, I don’t see how this one is possible)
  • Don’t go out after dark. (Haha, good one. I’ll be in bed by 8pm every night too 😉 )
  • Never walk down an Ally. (I will only walk down dead end ally’s if there is promise of free candy)
  • Boys are never allowed in the apartment EVER. No exceptions! (Yea, boys suck)
  • Don’t get in cabs, buses or any public transportation (Cabs smell like urine and cherry flavored children’s medicine anyway)

At this point, I cut him off by smiling. He stopped and said, “What? Why are you smiling, I’m being serious”
I know Dad. You just really love me. You can’t stand the thought of me not being around but you don’t want to say it. You won’t say it because it’s that time in your daughters life when she has to go out on her own.

He’s going to miss me.

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