Kitty says stop blogging

Of all the places kitty can sleep she chooses not just my desk, but right on top of my laptop.

100_3265 by you.

Maybe she is trying to tell me something, maybe she feels ignored. All too often she sits at my feet trying to get my attention but fails to do so because I am so wrapped up in the blogosphere.

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4 responses to “Kitty says stop blogging

  1. hahah Edie does that. She gets in the middle of me and my laptop all the time.

    You kitty is so fluffy! She looks little all curled up.

  2. Amy

    Too cute! I’m not sure if she’s telling you that she’s being ignored or she’s using your computer for the warm heat!

  3. Amanda

    i think she’s peeing on your computer, just my thought.

  4. harry

    what a woderful words you have written, i hopr that every one who can read these words benfit from them and share them for the others.Best Regards

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