Another Panty Post

I might be addicted to buying new undies. I had absolutely no intention of buying any when I went to the mall the other day, but they were just so ridiculously cute I couldn’t say no. Literally. I found myself buying not just one but 8 pairs of panties. Which is NOTHING compared to the sales associate at Aerie who told me she has enough pairs of underoo’s to last her three years without wearing the same pair twice.

Last time I bought new undies I posted a picture of them. This time, I am going to leave it a mystery.

The cute little box on the right is from Aerie. The pink bag is obviously from Victoria Secret.

100_3268 by you.

When you sign up for what Aerie calls their A-list card, you get a free pair of underwear of your choice! Then they put it in that cute little box. That box is not only cute, but very nice. This is what it looks like when you open it…

100_3274 by you.

100_3275 by you.

Aw! Thanks undie box! I know I am the best but it’s still nice to hear.

In the long run I am actually saving money by buying more underoo’s. Because the more pairs of underwear I have, the less often I will have to do laundry. Saving money in laundry detergent, and quarters used for the washer and dryer!

Buying new undies is not only fun, it’s smart. 🙂

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4 responses to “Another Panty Post

  1. hahah i love your justification!

    one can’t ever have enough undies.

  2. My sister claims that she feels better about her life when she buys cute new underwear. Maybe I found your soulmate?

  3. I want a cute box full of undies!

  4. i love new undies. i must have a collection the size of victorias secret, because i can’t help myself sometimes. what is the aerie place of which you speak? i am intrigued….

    btw, nice blog, just found it via 20something

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