Awards for thoughts expressed in 140 characters or less

It’s time for all those wonderful tweets to be awarded for all their twittering glory.

Just go to to nominate specific tweets you think are hilarious, smart, informative, or just downright awesome. It only takes a few seconds. You can nominate as many tweets as you want. This was hard to do, because so many of you fellow twitters are wonderful and I wanted to nominate everybody. What I did to make the task of nominating easier was go to my list of favorite tweets and pick out a few (and by few I mean like 60) of my favorite tweets.

Please DO NOT nominate yourself. Only egotistical pricks nominate themselves for a twittie award. If you are an egotistical prick then by all means, go for it. I hope nobody votes for you.

Stalk me, I mean…Follow me on twitter.

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