Observation: The top rings don’t cross over eachother

My weekend has so far revolved around the Olympic Games. If you are not watching, you are seriously missing out. I am so lucky boyfriend has TiVo, we have been able to record each individual sport which we then watch later so we can fast forward through all the crap (commercials) I am even luckier because later he plans on burning the games to a DVD for me so I can watch it as many times as I want whenever I want. Isn’t he wonderful? I think so.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Cupcake by clevercupcakes.
Photo Taken From Clevercupcakes.com

Things I love about the Olympic Games

  • They only come around every 4 years, making them a big deal.
  • The WHOLE world gets involved
  • Word Records
  • History
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Fireworks
  • Talent
  • Traditions
  • Families supporting and cheering their loved ones on
  • Beach Vollyball
  • Diving
  • Trampoline
  • Swimming
  • The little Chinese boy who survived the earthquake in May and saved a few of his fellow classmates. When asked why he went back in the rubble to save people he said, “It’s my job, I am a hall monitor
  • I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about the Olympics, I love everything about it. Well… besides Fencing. I don’t like Fencing, sorry but it’s a little stupid.

Yesterday was perfect. Boyfriend and I ordered Chinese food, ya know cause its festive considering the games are in China, not to mention delicious. Then we watched about 4 hours (give or take) of the Olympics. After about 2 hours we started to feel like serious fat-asses. It was perfect.

My plan today? Eat leftover Chinese food and watch 4 more hours of the Olympics.

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One response to “Observation: The top rings don’t cross over eachother

  1. Nat

    I am with you on the gymnastics bit and I honestly don’t mind fencing. I like swords it’s just the pooncy version of pirates sword fighting. There are rules and it’s more a gentlemens sport. Why aren’t there pirates and real sword fighting in the Olympics? I think I need to go back to the first olympics. People died then yeah? To entertain Zeus? Have I completly created my own version of history or did I pay attention somewhere along the lines?

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