Womens Gymnastics Recap.

It was a close competition, there were moments I felt like puking I was that excited/nervous/upset. Team USA womens gymnastics took second to the Chinese. Although team USA had a good chance and put up some good competition, unfortunately, they fell short of gold.

Alicia Sacramone fell, twice. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about her, she is wonderful and talented. ( I might have a girl crush on her )


It’s probably a bad thing but because of the Olympics I have become spiteful towards the Chinese. I never thought I’d actually wish for a girl to fall, but I did. Too bad the Chinese did no such thing.

It is almost as though these little “16” year old girls have no choice in the matter, chosen at the age of three they start training for the Olympics. Rarely ever seeing their parents, if they want to quit the sport or even take time off it is not acceptable.

//images.china.cn/attachement/jpg/site1007/20080813/001109b42f9b0a0ccee503.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

They are just kids. Their passports say 16 but I am going to have to call bluff.

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4 responses to “Womens Gymnastics Recap.

  1. some of them DO NOT look 16. They look like babies.

    My favorite part of the Olympics yesterday was the segment on pandas, ahaha

  2. jenn

    ok, i might be totally off base, but tell me what you think… doesn’t it seem like the american girl gymnasts are WAY bigger than the other girls? i mean that they were more built (muscle, obviously)? or did it just seem that way to me…

  3. Nat

    Yeah, they totally don’t look 16. Some of them look 7 or 8. I love watching the gymnastics though.

  4. Amanda

    not only does the Chinese team look like kindergartners, but they also look slightly anorexic.

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