The girl with long eye lashes meets a tall boy

Story Time!

There was once a boy and a girl. The boy was taller than average, buff,  and handsome. He had the dark hair and bright blue eyes combination. He was polite unlike other boys, he seemed genuine and above all, friendly. Naturally the girl grew to like this boy. She was also very beautiful, she had those long eye lashes every other girl envied. She was friendly just like the boy. She smiled at him often. Then she asked him to have coffee with her, a bold move. She decided she couldn’t wait for him to ask her. She made the first move. She waited at the coffee shop for over 20 minutes, terror came over her as she thought she had been stood up. She was ready to leave when there he was, walking through the door. Instantly she got the butterflies as he walked over to her table. He apologized for his lateness, he said it was his mothers fault, because his mother drives too slow. The girl was puzzled by this and asked the boy if his car was in the shop. The boy shook his head and told the girl that he did not even own a car and in fact did not even have his license. The girl thought this was strange, she asked the boy why he never got his license, she stressed about how important it is. He stopped her mid sentence and informed her that he was going to get his license in a year. “But why a year?”  The girl asked him, why not now? He then informed that he was not yet of age to get his license. She stared in disbelief, “You mean you are only 15?!” she asked. When he nodded her face turned red as she thought of an excuse to leave.

Because you see, she was 21. She thought she was in love with a 15 year old.

This is a true story.

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3 responses to “The girl with long eye lashes meets a tall boy

  1. Entertaining and slightly disturbing all rolled into one!

  2. laaaaaaaauren

    number 1.. I am definitely creeping on your blog, but I’m all alone downtown and BORED OUT OF MY MIND. number 2.. HAHAHAHAHA oh how I love this story. so awkward. oh chelsea.

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