12 Days

12 more days til I move out and into my new life. My new life will have 3 other girls (those girls are called roommates) Although we get our own bedrooms, we will be sharing a living room, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. None of us have ever met. We are total strangers, which is going to make this experience interesting to say the least.

I for one, love meeting new people. There are so many things I wish I had the guts to do when I meet new people. Like for example, on move in day I want to bring a large collection of naked trolls and place them all around the apartment, I would talk to each and every one of them and freak out if anyone else touches them (I don’t own any trolls). Then I want to place a lawn gnome in the middle of the living room, if someone moves it to the side I will just move it back to the middle followed by a chant that involves dancing around it. I would get my sister involved, whenever she visits me (which should be often) I would make her bring her own set of trolls, I would have her speak to the gnome in gnome language followed by a dance, then I would have her give my roommates a large tub of homemade butter as a gift.

When it comes time to introduce myself to my new roommates I will shake their hand sweetly then say their name in a very deep/batman/demon/man-who-smokes-4-packs-a-day/monster voice. I will tell them that is how I remember names.

Too bad I will never be brave enough to attempt any of this. Just like I would never be brave enough to blow into a mans mouth during our first kiss causing his cheeks to inflate like balloons.

Instead, I’ll be nice to my new roommates. No chants, no trolls, no butter, and no demon voice.



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3 responses to “12 Days

  1. good luck!
    not to be a debby downer, but you would be surprised at how a lot of people our generation are inconsiderate when it comes to living with others. have fun, and dont hang out with them too much, because that can get old fast.


  2. Margaret

    I seriously hope that they are your facebook friends and have started to follow your blog. I wish you had been more brave during our stint as roommates. I need more things to write about.

  3. Christina

    i definitely still talk with my hands. i told my friend he was turning 21, and had to make the sign for it. also, when listening to songs on the radio i interpret random words.
    everyone thinks i’m the coolest.

    i’ve had the same troll idea, just with imaginary friends. you’re sitting on barbara. janet is doing the cooking tonight. betty gets the shower first…

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