Never underestimate a child’s intelligence.

She is 6 years old, she talks like she is 2. She annoying to say the least, most adults can’t understand her and don’t even try. She took a gymnastics class with me and at the end of our ten week session she asked me, “What is gymnastics?” I tried not to blame her, her mom treats her like a toddler so she acts like one. No one would ever expect this child to do well in school. In fact most people would assume she has a learning disability, I thought she did. She doesn’t.

One day I had another gymnastics coach helping me teach my class. As the coach helped the 6 year old that seems like she is 2 she spelled out to me, “Hey Annette, she is so H-A-I-R-Y” I laughed because it’s true. At the age of 6 this poor child had man legs. Then she did something neither one of us expected. She said with a big smile on her face, “Coach Annette, who’s hairy?”
Apparently, she can spell.

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3 responses to “Never underestimate a child’s intelligence.

  1. hahahah that is hilarious!

  2. Queue the “you just lost on the Price is Right” sound effect…

  3. i have a cousin like that… funny but occasionally inconvenient.

    and i laughed SO HARD when i read your last post, with the word verification.

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