Delaney tries to be something she’s not

I have a phone (named Delaney) that tries to fool people into thinking she’s an iPhone.

Silly phone, you aren't fooling anyone by you.
Silly phone, you aren’t fooling anyone.

Delaney is constantly comparing herself to the new shiny iPhone 3G. I wish she was happy being who she is, but I don’t think she will ever stop trying to be something she’s not. As you can see, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to change who or what you are. It may fool some people on the outside but if they look a little harder they can see that you are just a normal phone with an iPhone background. Very clever Delaney.

Just be yourself.

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4 responses to “Delaney tries to be something she’s not

  1. I have a phone named “Mr. Loves-to-be-broken-all-the-time”. We don’t get along at all. Just the other day, he decided that he was too good for a working touch screen. Now he doesn’t do a thing when I poke him. He’s kind of a jerk.

  2. can’t say i have named my phone, but i may now be inspired to do so.

    my car is named hannah the honda.
    my kitchen-aid mixer is named louise.
    i suppose i will have to think on a possible name for my fabulous- non-iphone-phone.

  3. Arv

    in some places thinking that inanimate objects can think and have feeling means that your crazy

  4. I really need to name my phone, she currently thinks she’s a goldfish. She’s not quite as clever as Delaney.

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