Behind the Beast

This is what I had to look at while sitting in the back of my Intro to Literary Analysis class.

I don’t even think the teacher could see me as I sat behind this beast. You should have seen the man when he stood up, I kid you not the man had to be 7 feet tall. On top of that very large man is a very large hairdo that poofs out at least half a foot. Way to go sir, you win the-most-obnoxious-view-blocker-without-wearing-a-stupid-hat-award.


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3 responses to “Behind the Beast

  1. Amy

    Yowza! The hairdo is bad enough but I’m sad that nobody ever told him that horizontal stripes were very bad for the “enhanced” man.

  2. Raf

    lol I found that really hilarious 😀

  3. I lol’d hard at this post. That is one mountain of a man.

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