I wrote a paper that was “partially plagiarized” (I failed to properly cite a source) which almost got me dismissed from school. That’s right, dismissed (aka kicked out) talk about harsh. I literally freaked out when I heard, I am still freaking out. Thankfully my professor decided not to report my paper to the dean, he could have. Instead he gave me an F on that assignment. I wish he knew what a good student I was, I never cheat. In fact, I hate cheaters. I love writing papers too, I’m good at it (very good). He doesn’t know that though, all he knows is that I cheated. Lazy people cheat so he probably thinks I’m lazy too. Crap. Way to start off the semester.

This week I have 3 more papers due, 3 more that I am deathly afraid to write.

Advice for the day: Don’t cheat. Ever. (seriously, don’t)

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2 responses to “F

  1. That’s teh suck! I’m glad you didn’t get kicked out. It’s a bummer about the F though đŸ˜¦

  2. thank you.
    i read this before turning a big project for advanced comp. now i’m scared to death i didn’t cite a source correctly….

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