really, sex?


Todays Blog Topic: Sex.

I have heard (as many of you have to) strategies men use to make themselves last longer than 2 whole minutes during sex (don’t worry guys, my mom always says, “practice makes perfect”) The most common strategy I hear is baseball. Men think about baseball while having sex just to make it last longer? I find it hilarious, and kind of empowering that they literally have to force themselves to think of something other than what they are doing in order to control themselves. (and they say women are the weaker sex, ha)

Although this is not common, it is my far my favorite. A guy told me his secret to long lasting love making…

“I say the pledge of allegiance in my head, it works every time”

Patriotic sex? Ha whatever works. Another guy said he thinks of penguins.

Remember kids, have sex responsibly. I hear that sex is the #1 cause for pregnancy and pregnancy often leads to an infant.

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3 responses to “really, sex?

  1. Penguins? Really? That’s kind of creepy.

    This post reminds me of Austin Powers when he’s trying to not get turned on by a fembot and thinks about Margaret Thatcher.

  2. or in scrubs when j.d. is in the (cold) shower thinking about his great aunt’s arm fat.

    that whole infant thing is a myth though, really. it was invented by schoolteachers to cheat you out of having fun.

  3. lots of oral sex (man on woman, usually a couple of o’s) and my manhood becomes patient and full of stamina

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