*Dialing number to nearest strip club*

You’re so nice and you’re so smart

You’re such a good friend

I have to break your heart

I’ll tell you that I love you

Then I’ll tear your world apart

Just pretend I didn’t tear your world apart.

It came out forever ago but I am still listening to and loving the Juno soundtrack. It is definitely worth checking out. I want to buy all of Kimya Dawson’s cds. But considering I just received the smallest paycheck in the history of paychecks I am going to hold back on my compulsive buying habits for now. *sigh*

Maybe I should become a stripper, I hear they make good money. I don’t want to bog you down on money problems at all, I just feel like if I had a comfy chunk of cash (ccc) I could live my life a little more stress-free. When I go out for a cup of coffee I don’t want to feel guilty about it anymore.

I don’t own a required books for one of my classes, I told my professor it was because of a money issue. His response was, “You live downtown don’t you? You have to have some money.” …if only he knew

*dialing number to nearest strip club* “um hi, are you hiring?”

(Too bad I have too much respect for myself to that.)

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2 responses to “*Dialing number to nearest strip club*

  1. TL

    Thank goodness your not serious!

  2. Giovanna Hernandez

    Help me plz I’m looking for a job!!!

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