I promise I won’t post this on facebook.

After hours of eating candy and watching Gilmore Girls roommates and I brought cupcakes and a couch to a Korean girl who lives down the hall. It was her birthday and she hardly knows anyone here because she just moved so she’s new here. She was so happy she gave us each an apple and then took pictures of us sitting on her couch in the dark (I’m positive the pictures look like they belong in a scary movie) after the pictures she showed us the teddy bears she has made herself.

When we left her apartment the sugar started to get to us. I’m not sure how it happened but this little roommate decided it would be a good idea to take my hoodie and pretend she was a dinosaur.

(she is going to hate that I posted this picture of her. She told me not to put it on facebook, she never said anything about my blog)

She went through the halls, in the elevator, the lobby, and best of all, she barged into someones apartment (who we didn’t even know) they had people over, all those people started screaming as if they were being robbed.

Now whenever I see those people we just laugh, no words exchanged, just full on laughter.

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2 responses to “I promise I won’t post this on facebook.

  1. Oh my god, that is one of the most awesome pictures I’ve ever seen.

  2. Seriously.

    I can’t stop laughing.

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