The Stunt Man

Why anyone would want to do a stunt man shot is beyond me. I fail to see any pleasure in it but hey, to each their own.

The Stunt Man Shot
Snort a line of salt (yes, I said SNORT)
Take a shot of tequila
Squirt lime in eye (just in case snorting salt wasn’t painful enough why not temporarily blind yourself)

I know an idiot… er I mean guy, that actually did this.

Is the stunt man something you would try?

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5 responses to “The Stunt Man

  1. Personally I find tequila to be enough of a punishment without the stupidity behind the rest of the stunt man.

    ..and I’m sure that there is somebody, somewhere, out there thinking something along the lines of: Chuck Norris would do that shot.

  2. Haha. I thought it was called an Iron Man.

    Either way, I thoroughly enjoy doing (normal) tequila shots. It’s like an activity. A really dangerous activity that can inhibit good judgement and fine motor skills.

  3. I’m gonna go with no.

  4. Amy

    LOL! I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t take such a shot under the influence of many other shots. Although the snorting kind of worries me.

  5. jenniferstavros

    somehow even bacon martinis seem appealing now… (sadly I blogged about them) that’s just… disturbing. thank you. now I’m going to have to convince some random drunk at a bar to do that for humiliation purposes.

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