I like to lollipop kiss

How to Lollipop kiss
This is a special Annette guide.

First, look at your target with seductive eyes. Then, in your best sexy voice tell him “I like to lollipop kiss” He’ll say something like “what’s that?” or “show me”

That is when you provocatively and aggressively push your target up against a wall. Place your hands on his stomach or his face. Then, stare into his eyes as you move closer to his face. Slowly move toward his neck be close enough that he can feel your breath, move up towards his ear and whisper in a very breathy sexy whisper, “Sucker” and walk away.


Lollipop kissing sounds kinky, too bad it’s all just a giant tease.

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3 responses to “I like to lollipop kiss

  1. It is a giant tease! It’s not fair. I need some more actions after that.
    so what is the whole purpose of all of this?
    just to insult some poor guy?

  2. That was so boring? What a waste of my time! I feel sorry for your partner (if you have one)

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