Make a statement, put raccoons in someones car

My sisters school (which happens to be a christian university) got shut down the other day on account of really bad racism. Someone had the nerve to put raccoons in a black students car. What point was he or she trying to make? What sort of statement is that? If you are black you deserve to have raccoons in your car? What the hell, I don’t care who you are, that is wrong and not to mention really stupid.

Come on society, I thought we were better than that.

I am disappointed and I think people suck.

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3 responses to “Make a statement, put raccoons in someones car

  1. terrible! i know its a semi-political response, and i dont mean it to be interpreted one way or another but look at this link. its embarrassing to be an american.

  2. cookie monster

    At the moment there is a huge drive in the European Soccer leagues to raise awareness against racism; a huge and forward country like spain – a huge city like madrid is not doing much to punish racist acts, chanting (monkey sounds), or behaviours.

  3. ro

    this story needs to be updated….i received the wrong information. there was in fact a car/truck, and there were raccoons…but the story is not exactly how you put it….

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