Just give me your credit card

Everyday I get hassled on the street  by some hippies that work for greenpeace. Most of the time I love it when  they approach me, I will never give them my money but when they first approach someone they usually say,

“Do you want to save the world today?”

And I being the smart-ass I am, respond with one of two answers,

1) “Actually I was on my way to do that right now, you’re slowing me down”

2) “Why, are you handing out super powers?”

Or if I am feeling extra frisky I’ll say,

“The world needs to die”

(this goes without saying but, I don’t mean that last one. I love the planet)

Yesterday I noticed a greenpeace employee making eye contact with me, I was excited for the question he was going to ask me. Instead he let me down, he asked if I could talk to him for a few minutes, I shook my head no but then he proceeded to follow me. Then he said, “Just give me your credit card”

I stopped dead in my tracks. ‘

Me- “What?”

Hippie “Give me your credit card, you won’t even think twice about it.”

Me- “Does that honestly work for you?”

We talked for about 20 more minutes about saving whales, global warming, and toxins that are emitted into their air from electronics. his facts were wrong, I made sure he knew that my ipod was in fact NOT emitting any toxins into the air. I also told him that humpback whales are still being killed illegally by the Japanese. Then I asked,

Me- ” Do you ever get discouraged? Thousands of people ignore you every day”

Hippie-” I am not standing out here for them, I am standing out here for people like you, who care”

Me- “what part of this conversation makes you think that I care?”

He smiled. He smiled during most of our convo, he even smiled when I told him he was wrong. I think he was happy I knew something about the world.

Hippie- “It’s only $15 dollars a month”

Me-” Listen, I can’t afford free. I am one of those poor college students who lives off of soup and granola bars, and no I am not kidding. Besides, there is no way I’d give greenpeace $15 dollars a month because they are not a non for profit organization, so my $15 dollars won’t save the whales, it will just pay people like you to stand on the street begging someone to listen”

He smiled again then shook my hand, told me it was nice talking to me and said he hopes to talk to me again.

I don’t know why but I signed up for the greenpeace newsletter.

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