This weekend I…

-Dislocated my thumb while sitting on the toilet. (yea I wish I was making that up)

-Ate the best deep dish pizza in the city

-Danced the night away at my school’s homecoming boat school does not even have a football team so I am not sure why it’s a homecoming dance

-Had liquor stolen by some 28 year old sketch-ball of a man.

-Laughed so hard I could not control myself, I literally wheezed. After the wheezing tears started streaming down my face as I laughed so hard my stomach hurt I thought I was going to puke, or pee my pants either one, or both. That could have been awkward

-Got my make up done for free… I looked like a hooker/raccoon/person that got punched in the eyes. Icky.

-Had my picture taken by a polaroid camera, now I wish I carried one of those around with me all the time.

-Roommate and I drew little pictures on everyone’s peephole including our own so no would would suspect us.

-After playing knock-knock ditch (similar to ding-dong ditch, only without a doorbell) Roommate and I got caught, and chased down the hall as we screamed waking up our entire floor at 2am on a Sunday night. In the end we finally met the guy we have been knock-knock ditching and he gave us free candy, we left him some pixie sticks the next time we knock-knock-ditched his door.

-Until next time, I leave you with this lovely picture. This is the best ROFL(Rolling On Floor Laughing) picture taken ever.

I love my life and how often I laugh.

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4 responses to “This weekend I…

  1. How does one go about dislocating a thumb while sitting on a toilet?

  2. ROFL, amazing. I really like that photo.

  3. ro

    your life is lovely. i wanna be in it….oh wait i am…i can’t wait to see you thursday

  4. Margaret

    I’m pretty sure I’m roommate. But I’ll let this one slide.

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