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Mallard Ducks

Boyfriends 3 year old twin nephews saying what they are thankful for,

Bobby: “Mommy, Daddy, and Gerry”

Gerry: “Mallard ducks, Eagles, and Batman”

He knew exactly what kind of ducks to be thankful for.

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Music Shuffle and Sex

Important Life Lesson

thank you Matty for showing me this image.

I always thought having my iTunes on shuffle was like a party for the ears. It’s not. Be careful guys, it can ruin even the best of moments.

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Mag mile and I say love a lot

Silly me thought the lighting festival was next weekend, when actually it was this past Saturday night. Luckily I have a great roommate who came in my room and yelled “AH get dressed! the lighting festival started TEN MINUTES AGO!”

We got dressed and ran out the door. I couldn’t see much of the parade (I blame my height) but I had a wonderful time and I love this place. I love this picture, I love all the people (wow am I saying love enough? geez)

Look at the streets..

people everywhere by you.
It really is a magnificent mile (go ahead and call me a cornball but I mean what I say)

Here are some fireworks coming out of a babies head..

Fireworks coming out of a babies head by you.

For the rest of my photos check out my flickr.

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I’m addicted to Jimmy Eat World

Sure it’s old but I am rediscovering my love for Jimmy Eat World. It’s pretty much what I’ve been listening to all day, I barely left my room. I have been sitting here attempting to finish my homework and craving skittles ALL day. It’s been a jam pack fun fair let me tell you.

Hey, are any of you on Add me!

It hurts because it should
How else am I to make it clear?
I could never be the one that you want
don’t ask…

You better choose your words carefully
because I’m not your anything
I’m going to stay here in my place
and you stay in yours

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I really shouldn’t show people this picture..

I went out like this.

If you are thinking “No you didn’t” It wouldn’t surprise me, but the truth is I did.

I wish I was joking, I realize how ridiculous this looks. Don’t worry I am not a full on bucket of crazy, I had pants on that covered up the slipper socks I was wearing with my heels.

There is reasoning behind it, I wasn’t just trying to be quirky. Those heels are a tad too big for me and kept slipping off my heel. So I came up with the genius idea to put slippers on…and it worked.

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Penguin Love

You might not be his first, his last, or his only. He’s cared about someone else before and possibly will again-but if he cares for you now; then what else matters? He’s not perfect and you aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He is probably not going to quote poetry. He might not be thinking about you every second of the day. But he will give you a part of him that he knows you can break. So don’t hurt him, don’t change him and don’t expect more than he can give. Don’t over analyze, smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him whenever he’s not there

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Sparkle in His Eye

I have been re-watching the entire Gilmore Girls series with my roommates, its been wonderful. I love the characters in that show. While watching an episode from season 7 something really interesting happened..

Rory (the main character) is talking to a man who works for the New York Times. He is asking her how she likes her job as editor at the Yale Daily News

Rory: “It’s fun, I get to give myself the best pieces to write. Actually I just got to interview Barack Obama”

NYT Guy: “Really? I hear he might run for president in 2008, did he say anything about that?”

Rory: “I actually asked him about that and he said no comment, but I saw a sparkle in his eye”

This was written in 2006. It’s crazy how things turn out.

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