Then he chewed in my ear

There is a boy in my class who is an moron. I am not being mean either, he is the dumbest kid I’ve ever met. He is the kind of kid who leans too far back on his chair and falls over in the middle of class. The kid who tries to change the grade the professor gave him thinking she won’t notice. The kind of kid who barks like a dog at people in public.

In class the other day this pathetic excuse for a student decided to sit next to me. Great. I love sitting next to morons. This is how it went…

I am sitting quietly in the front row listening to the professor lecture

Moron- Pssst!

I ignored him

Moron- pssst! hey you! Look at my granola bar

I ignored him


I looked. I Nodded than looked away.

Moron- Look how many nuts are in my granola bar, it’s driving me nuts

I ignored him

Moron- LOOK at the nuts in my granola bar!

I looked. No comment.

Moron- Listen to me chew. It’s so loud

Then he chewed in my ear.

How the hell is this moron in college? How does he dress himself every morning? Stupid people never cease to amaze me.

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3 responses to “Then he chewed in my ear

  1. Gross.
    Where do these people come from?!

  2. Arv

    how are you not used to stupid people by now you know me

  3. This was HILARIOUS. Not only because I know who you’re talking about, but because it couldn’t have been more true. Hahahaha. This made me laugh so hard..

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