I like roller coasters

I packed, I loaded up a truck, I unloaded, I unpacked, and now it’s official, I’ve moved. Couple months ago actually this post is just delayed.

At all hours of every day there is a train, right outside my window. I’ve gotten used to it but it sounds a lot like a roller coaster. So much so I have had quite a few roller coaster dreams/amusement park dreams. It’s a good thing I like roller coasters.

The total strangers are not strangers anymore, we met now we are roommates. We get along very well. I am pretty happy with the bunch there are 3 other girls besides me and an invisible cat who is on a diet. Everyone is really nice. My bathroom is super cute and it smelled like plastic when I first moved in but thankfully that scent faded and it’s always clean. The other bedrooms are not as cool as mine. I would love to share photos of my adorable bedroom with you but I am being mean, no pictures today. One day I’ll post pictures of my whole place up but for now I’ll leave you with this…


It looks like a prison light or the kind of light you would see on a ship but it is neither. It’s my bedroom light in all it’s ghetto looking glory.

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2 responses to “I like roller coasters

  1. ro

    always clean?????

  2. the BATHROOM is always clean i didn’t say the whole apartment was…

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