“You Look Like a Boy”

I had a long night which led to a rough morning. I laid in bed thinking there is no possible way I could make it to my 9:30 Liberal Art/Political Science/History class. I tried getting up but just ended up laying down on my floor for a half an hour. Then the thought of my perfect attendance being ruined was too much for me to handle so I forced myself up off the floor.

With little time to get ready at this point and still feeling extremely under the weather I took a quick shower and got ready. With only 5 minutes of time left before I had to leave for class the only thing I had to do was my hair…

That’s when I realized it..

I had forgotten to rinse out my conditioner. My hair was greasy, crunchy, and hard in some places. I did not have time to get back in the shower and I had done too much work getting myself out of bed to just give up. So I did the only thing I could have done in that situation. I wore a baseball hat. My outfit was fabulous, giant hoodie and a baseball hat with the letters “FU” in big red letters on it. Someone told me I looked like a boy, someone else came up to me and asked me why I was dressed the way I was.

Right now I am feeling better but I am also feeling like a big sack of ugly and I need compliments stat.

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3 responses to ““You Look Like a Boy”

  1. ha, i totally respect you for still going
    the other day i went to work wearing two different shoes; when i realised i felt insanely weird so i know how you feel.

    wish i had a baseball cap x

  2. I sure hope you don’t look like a boy. What would that say about me?

  3. ro

    you are a beautiful sack …hah…

    i mean…you are beautiful. see you tonight love.

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