Sparkle in His Eye

I have been re-watching the entire Gilmore Girls series with my roommates, its been wonderful. I love the characters in that show. While watching an episode from season 7 something really interesting happened..

Rory (the main character) is talking to a man who works for the New York Times. He is asking her how she likes her job as editor at the Yale Daily News

Rory: “It’s fun, I get to give myself the best pieces to write. Actually I just got to interview Barack Obama”

NYT Guy: “Really? I hear he might run for president in 2008, did he say anything about that?”

Rory: “I actually asked him about that and he said no comment, but I saw a sparkle in his eye”

This was written in 2006. It’s crazy how things turn out.

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One response to “Sparkle in His Eye

  1. ari taylor

    “Twinkle in his eye” was the stupidist thing i have EVER

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