Mag mile and I say love a lot

Silly me thought the lighting festival was next weekend, when actually it was this past Saturday night. Luckily I have a great roommate who came in my room and yelled “AH get dressed! the lighting festival started TEN MINUTES AGO!”

We got dressed and ran out the door. I couldn’t see much of the parade (I blame my height) but I had a wonderful time and I love this place. I love this picture, I love all the people (wow am I saying love enough? geez)

Look at the streets..

people everywhere by you.
It really is a magnificent mile (go ahead and call me a cornball but I mean what I say)

Here are some fireworks coming out of a babies head..

Fireworks coming out of a babies head by you.

For the rest of my photos check out my flickr.

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2 responses to “Mag mile and I say love a lot

  1. i love chicago! it’s so great at christmas. wintertime in texas just isn’t the same…

  2. god. im so completely jealous. of the lighting festival and chicago and your REAL winter….(i probably won’t be jealous when i hear about those negative temp days….)

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