Selfish Butt-head

I really hate it when people say “You’re such a heartbreaker” is that suppose to be a compliment? Heartbreaks are serious business, no one likes to be broken hearted. Being called a heartbreaker to me is the same thing as being called a giant bitch, a jerk, a selfish butthead. I’ve been called a heartbreaker 4 times in the past 2 days and it kills me every time. I do not intentionally want to make someone else’s life miserable.

HEARTBREAKER by sinsistema.

I don’t understand how someone can actually wear shirts like this. I am not trying to be dramatic but, it is like saying “I am proudly ruining peoples lives” or “I enjoy messing with peoples heads and hearts for my own pleasure and entertainment”

So please, don’t call me a heartbreaker because even if I am one, I am not proud of it. I won’t point out your flaws if you don’t point out mine.

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One response to “Selfish Butt-head

  1. Arv

    you are a heartbreaker

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