I’m so good at doing my homework

Finals are coming up, meaning I should spend every spare second I have studying and getting all my homework done. Yea…I was writing a paper when this happened..

It took me a while to get the gummy bears to balance on top of the computer.

A boy who lives down the hall gave me his hat. He wanted it back (maybe he should have thought about that before he gave it to me) Instead of homework and studying I decided to make a ransom note…
He left me cookies. I think I asked for candy. He is so not getting his hat back.

Right now, I should be writing a 5 page paper on Poe instead of blogging. Apparently I’ll do anything to avoid my work.

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10 responses to “I’m so good at doing my homework

  1. Ahhh. Disco is being attacked by an army of little bears.

  2. There’s not nearly enough gummy bear on that laptop. What you need is one of those 5lb bags of gummy bears that they sell at Sam’s Club. Then you can have some REAL fun. Besides, homework is overrated.

  3. Amanda

    hahahaha, oh how i love you.

  4. Greg

    Edgar Allan Poe??

    I saw a sweet book on him at Barnes N Noble a couple weeks ago

  5. ahh! you’re gummy bear laptop-scape is magical….

  6. hahaha at your laptop. i love gummi bears ❤

  7. That’s right. Don’t give him his hat back. He’ll never learn proper discipline if you accept cookies instead of candy.

    I bet he was one of those kids who always circled things when he was supposed to cross them out. Tsk tsk…

    The gummi bear thing is priceless. That’s how I react to finals week too.

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