A blog post about a leaf.

This one time on Valentines day, boyfriend bought me flowers and this leaf came off of them.

Come on, that is one of the coolest thing you’ve seen today right? This leaf, in my opinion, deserves it’s own blog post.

I took that picture a couple years ago with a disposable camera. I use to love disposable cameras, the pictures were always a surprise.

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2 responses to “A blog post about a leaf.

  1. Disposable cameras are work. This is why I still have what I believe are prom pictures from 5 years ago on one somewhere.

  2. I have a bag of disposable cameras sitting in my house from God knows when. At some point, I will develop them and find out their secrets. The last time I did that, I was disappointed to discover the film was from an ex-roommate’s Army graduation and not mine at all. She was very pleased though.

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