What I wish I had

A Super Secret Spy Camera
Sometimes I wish I could take pictures of total strangers without looking like a total creep. For example, in the picture below I tried to take a picture of the man sitting at the table in the background by pretending to take a picture of my sister. Instead I have a picture of a blurry man in the back and my sisters cheek. Not so successful. I want to get a super secret spy camera so moments like the one captured here will never happen again and I can successfully accomplish being the biggest creep ever.


This man was wearing everything he owned, 4 or 5 hats, sunglasses placed on each hat, gloves, toys, balloons, I really wish I got a better picture of him because it’s worth seeing.

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3 responses to “What I wish I had

  1. Clearly he is an astronaut.

  2. I do that when I’m drunk. Maybe that’s his excuse.

  3. i do that a LOT. i have a feeling i’m not as discreet as i think i am…

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