X is for Exactumundo

If someday my sisters should have kids, this is the alphabet I will teach them..

A is for Apple
B is for Butt
C is for Cat butt
D is for Doo doo
E is for Elephant doo doo
F is for Fart
G is for Gorilla fart
H is for Huge gorilla fart
I is for eyeball
J is for Jammies
K is for Kid fart
L is for Loud and Long farts
M is for Monkey butt
N is for saying Night Night to Nico at Nap time
O is for Oh!
P is for Panda Peeing and Pooping in her Potty while Papa Plays Peek-a-boo
Q is for Quebert
R is for Robotic monkey who’s going to take over the world
S is for Stinky
T is for Turd
U is for Uh-oh
V is for Flying V
W is for Wee wee
X is for EXactamundo!
Y is for Yucky and Yummy and You
and Z is for Farts that smell like the Zoo

-Alphabutt by Kimya Dawson

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3 responses to “X is for Exactumundo

  1. Haha, that’s a lot of butt humor.

  2. i love kimya dawson!! she’s incredible. time to brag on my brother – he and one of his bands totally opened for her at a show in the bay area! (p.s. i saw her sing this at sxsw last year – awesome…)

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