I’m sorry that sometimes I’m mean

I make the WORST first impressions.

Most of the time I am rude and sarcastic. I can be really mean, it’s true. One time when I met a guy named Mark while he was working, I made fun of his job, later he decided he hated his job and couldn’t do it anymore. He works somewhere else now.

Sorry Mark. And sorry to everyone else who I might have been mean to.

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3 responses to “I’m sorry that sometimes I’m mean

  1. nick

    you were probably mean to me too, but it was too long ago to remember how exactly. I’ll just assume you were, and because of it, I’m mad at you.

    god you were such a bitch to me! i just don’t think i can ever forgive. we’re in a fight.

  2. Arv

    yeah were in a fight to cause u were mean to nick

  3. Amanda

    I feel I am to blame for this, I mean after all, after I met you I tackled you to the ground haha

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