Traveling Panties

This is a story about my panties.

It started at my apartment where best friend and I were there packing up my things for me to take home for the holidays. We are not entirely sure how it happened but one pair of panties ended up in her purse. They have a mind of their own, maybe they were getting tired of me and felt like someone else should try them on.

The panties ended up at her house where her dad found and washed them. She came over so her and I could go to Taco Bell in the middle of the night, she gave the panties to me then. I shoved them in my purse and forgot about them entirely.

A few days later while I was at work I was trying to find a piece of gum when low and behold the black panties were there. Finally I took the panties home and they are now happily with the rest of their underoo family.

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