She is me

She is a very strong person indeed.

 Because she thinks she could do anything that a man can do. She is a leader, a real confident type. She likes to do things by herself. Because she thinks waiting for a helping hand is a waste of time, and she is not patient enough to wait around for that.

She likes to guess her man’s reaction, but at the same time she likes to have many men wanting her. She is a daring type who could just do things differently from other people in her same society. She dares to fight for what she thinks belonged to her. If she breaks up with someone, she won’t show any emotion even deep down inside pain and agony.

Not for long she will come back to be the cheery and merry person again, because she looks at the world positively and has “Faith” in the word “Love”. Do not be a jealous type if you date her. She could be slightly jealous, but she hates a jealous guy. She loves “Freedom” so before and after marriage, her freedom has to be the same.

She likes you to trust her, even if she does not trust you. She likes to be the one who is “Right”, so if you argue with her, let her win if it is not a big deal for you in that subject. She is a straight-forward type, so if she does not love you anymore, she will just tell you straight to your face. Her love and relationship are always real, so if she say “It’s over” be prepare to leave, she is not testing you.

She is not a vulnerable type, so do not have to worry about her, she will survive by herself. If she is with you when you get sick, she will certainly take care and look after you. Do not have secret with her, she hates it and really can piss her off badly. When she is sad, be understanding.

When she is happy, be happy with her, she likes that. You will not get bored with this type of girl. Someone who is close to her will know that deep down beneath that confident and cold hearted person, she is just as fragile as any woman. She is a fun and talkative person and she likes to tease you

If she’s mad, find a shelter for the “Hurricane” is here! Her bad temper will last very shortly though.

She is not a revenge type and will not think of “payback” time. Most people might think of her as “One of a guys”, but in fact she is a 100% woman. She is easily hurt, so be nice with her. If she really loves you, then you are lucky because she is an honest, truthful and will never bore you. Understand that sometimes she will be over confident and sometimes like to have power or act bossy.

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