This week…

I put googly eyes on my bedroom door and my toilet. (the toilet is now named Rosita)

I hung my tutu’s left over from my two two birthday party I had for turning 22. (note: those tutu’s were meant for 5 year olds and we were some how able to fit into them.)

I went out to eat and ordered a salad. Look closely, the salad had goldfish on it. Tasty.

Roommate and I took underwear out of our friend Connor’s room while he was gone and put it up on a bulletin board for all to see.

Connor taped food and cigarettes to my door.

door decoration by you.

This tortilla fell off my door and was lying in the hallway when there was a tour of my building going on.I’m sure the tour was pleased.

Roommate and I put princess Valentine’s day cards on everyone’s door, even the storage room got some love.

storage room love by you.

This is Wilfred, he is a mouse I made entirely out lint and googly eyes.

This is Wilfred, he's a lint mouse by you.

One of my roommates decided to count plastic bags one day, roll them up nicely, made a sign, and posted it up on a bulletin board for the public. She specified on her sign that these bags are being given away for free, because you know sometimes people charge you to take their plastic bags that they got for free from random stores..

Someone made fun of my roommate by  hanging a bag of trash on the same bulletin board, declaring that it was also free.

high demand by you.

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3 responses to “This week…

  1. Ahahahaha. That’s awesome.

    Did people actually.. walk around and see this?

  2. this is awesome.

    you seem like a person I’d hang out with.

    that is, if you weren’t so obsessed with plastic bags!! arghh

  3. Ok, WOW. The trash bag thing was hilarious. Haaaaaahahahhahh.. ❤

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