I used to think I was invincible..

It’s true. I did. I was the overly confident girl that thought no matter what no one could ever hurt me. Especially a man. It never occurred to me that sometimes certain men are stronger than me even if I am curiously strong for my size. I always thought that if a man tried to forcefully make me do anything that I’d be able to handle it…

Then there was this one time two male friends of mine were playing the game Monkey In the Middle with me..

…I was the ball.

It was from that moment on as I was flying through the air back and forth between these two males that I realized I do not always have total control and sometimes men are not only bigger than me, but stronger too. I am a little scared and feel like I should sign up for self defense classes asap because next time the two males might not be friends of mine and they might want to play a game other than Monkey In the Middle.

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3 responses to “I used to think I was invincible..

  1. Taking a self-defense class would be a good idea! We women have to be able to defend ourselves.

    www. womenofcaliber.wordpress.com

  2. nick

    we should go tazer shopping. we can pick up an emo kid on the way so we can test them all.

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