In 2006 I liked a boy named Jim.

Yesterday at dinner someone said something really funny. We were discussing Paris Hilton and how she won an award for worst actress (it’s about time, she’s bad at acting even when she’s just being herself) We started reminiscing about the time Paris Hilton came out with a cd…

Alyssa- “I remember when the Paris Hilton song stars came out because it was 2006 and I liked a boy name Jim and he was dating a girl named Kathy who I was friends with on Myspace and that was the song she had on her profile then I laughed cause I was like HA Jim is dating a loser!…Then I got sad because he chose to date a loser over me…”

She could have said “yea remember how awful that song was?” but she didn’t and it made me laugh.

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One response to “In 2006 I liked a boy named Jim.

  1. oh i feel honored to be considered funny by annette. i read this and laughed.

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