The day the homeless man yelled at me

I was walking down the a very crowded street when a homeless man started yelling at me (and by yelling mean the volume turned all the way up yelling) He yelled “HEY YOU!” as he pointed at me, “YOU DROPPED SOMETHING LADY!” I turned around and frantically searched the ground

then he yelled “APRIL FOOLS!!!”
The entire crowd of people walking burst out laughing.

He got me good, I was totally fooled. I wish I would have thought of a good joke to pull on someone today but I’m not cool enough for that. Oh well I’ll do a good one next year.

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2 responses to “The day the homeless man yelled at me

  1. 1. That would have gotten me too. Because what if you HAD dropped something and he was being helpful? Ugh.

    2. There is an older gentleman in my office who went around all day with a fake pen leak mark on his shirt pocket. Only 2 people noticed for him to tell them APRIL FOOLS, it is fake!

  2. i never think of a good one. when my sister and i were kids we would plan in advance and our pranks still freakin’ sucked.

    sounds like he got you good. hope u were able to chuckle 🙂

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