Note to self:

DO NOT buy teeth whitener off a Facebook AD. The result will be a burn, badly. You might experience bleached gums, spitting up blood, and a swollen face. It’s so not the white teeth you were hoping for.

PS- You have got to stop being such a weak shopaholic.

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One response to “Note to self:

  1. Amanda

    jeeze, i coulda told you that silly! but in all seriousness if you want teeth whitener, the only over-the-counter whitening kit my dentist has ever recommended is the crest white strips ones, go with original so that it won’t make your gums and teeth sensitive. oh, and never try aquafresh, i have a friend who did and it pulled her gums off with the strips, eww, you don’t want to be gumless, thats all sorts of nasty. so there you have it, the longest comment post ever mwahahaha

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