Sporcle Took Over

Can you name the U.S. Presidents? – sporcle

This website and more specifically this quiz has taken over me. I’m obsessed. It’s a strange thing to be obsessed with but it’s true. I am so good at naming the US Presidents now, I can even name them in order. I think about it all the time, it sounds boring but it’s the truth. I am that weird. In fact, I am so obsessed I decided that instead of taking notes in all my classes I would list off the Presidents ( in order of course) in all of my notebooks.

…it doesn’t stop there. I was out last night, Tuesday night is college night at the local Italian restaurant which means free crappy pizza with the purchase of one drink. Naturally, since I am a poor starving college student I go every Tuesday…Last night I decided to take a crayon and list off the Presents onto the paper table cloth. Could I be any nerdier?

Sporcle took over my brain.

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  1. this is hilarious and sounds like something i would do.

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