My teacher clothes make me look old..

So today I taught a bunch of 5th graders while my professor observed. Nerve wrecking? Yea…but it went really well.

The only thing my professor wasn’t happy about was that my students were too well behaved. They were perfect. She said they were unrealistically perfect. I asked them to be on their best behavior and they listened, maybe I should have asked them to misbehave a little to make the classroom seem more realistic. Whatever. I was so happy with the kids for being so wonderful I made sure to tell them that…at least 12 times. After I thanked them one of the students said, “Aw Miss LaVine, we got yo back”One of the kids wrote me a note that said, \”Miss LaVine, I hate reading and english except when you teach it” I wanted to squeeze him (I didn’t) After my professor was gone the students told me not to worry because they know I’m getting a good grade.

You never know what to expect, or what the kids might say to you that day. Today one of my students asked me what heroine was, another one of my students for some reason had quarters falling out of his sleeves all day, another kid asked me if New York was in Illinois, and apparently my teacher outfit made me look old because they thought I was 29 (I’m 22)

Overall, today was a very good day.



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2 responses to “My teacher clothes make me look old..

  1. Tammy

    You’re wonderful!

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