We sure are cute for two ugly people

Today is Monday and this is how it went…

This morning a little too early, boyfriend woke me up when I had just a few more moments of sleep just to show me some horrifying red spots covering his body. He complained that they itched as he turned on a very bright light. If I wasn’t sleeping I would have killed him.

I am so not a morning person.

I was mean to boyfriend when he said he had chicken pox, I relentlessly made fun of him. Later I found out he doesn’t have the chicken pox, it’s just an allergic reaction.

Later on I went to half a biology class that I was not registered to take before I realized it was way too hard, this was of course after the professor made me run in place while flapping my arms up and down dramatically. (There was a point but I have no idea what it was) I left the class early never planning on going back.

Oh yea, and I have a cold sore on my lip the size of Montana. Together boyfriend and I make the most adorable couple, his body covered in red spots and me with my lips looking diseased.

We sure are cute for two ugly people.


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2 responses to “We sure are cute for two ugly people

  1. LOL. That is funny. You two must look like a pair. But I can’t judge, I’m ugly even without the cold sore or chicken pox. LOL.

  2. He made you do what? And why? wtf??

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