32′ D

Sales Lady: “Can I help you find a bra?”

Amanda: “ No, I’m a 32 D, you don’t carry my size”

Sales Lady: “Why don’t you try a 32 C? It’s the sister size to 32 D”

My thoughts: I didn’t realize bra sizes had sisters…who knew..

Amanda: “I tried that one on last time and my nipple was falling out” *Points to me* “You can ask her, she saw it”

Me: “It’s true, her nipple was definitely exposed”

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3 responses to “32′ D

  1. hahahahaha, that’s so random.

  2. Amanda

    never happened 🙂

  3. I probably peed my pants when I read this… Make that definitely.

    Your blog is the funniest thing I have ever read… ever. You’ve inspired me to restart mine.

    I need to come to Chicago.

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