Baby shark do do do do do do do

I got the joy and pleasure of experiencing American Idol auditions. It was sort of ridiculous how many people were there (2nd largest group of people auditioning ever, about 12,000) but I am not gonna lie I enjoyed myself (even though it totally killed my sleeping time) Honestly I wish I would have had a chance to try out just so I could sing the Baby Shark song to the producers…

I know You don’t need to tell me, I am so American Idol material. If only I got a chance to let my talent shine. If I was given the chance, I would have sang that song and no I am not joking about that at all.

Instead I got to listen to 12,000 people sing “Hot N’ Cold” by Katy Perry and some guy from Hollywood try to get people from Chicago to call Chicago Chill (Chi for Chilcago and ILL for Illinois) needless to say everyone hated the idea and booed him immediately. For some reason he felt that calling Chicago “Chill” would catch on. He quickly learned that was a horrible idea and we informed him that this city is referred to as “Chi-town” (pronounced Shy town) If I said, “Welcome to Chill!” no one would know what on earth I was talking about.


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  1. I totally want to teach my park kids this awesome new shark song. They’ll annoy their parents forever!

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