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Good Morning

This morning my cup of coffee was bigger than my bowl of cereal.



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Meet Peter…

3 year old Peter asked me to take a picture of him in his firefighter outfit while he proceeded to tell me that when he grows up he is going to be a firefighter, professional baseball player, a policeman, an astronaut, and an ice cream truck driver. He also promised to bring me all kinds of ice cream.

Then we played baseball, he said he had to keep his firefighter outfit on during the game just in case there was a fire, it was difficult for him to run and he kept tripping, not to mention he was 80 degrees outside…all that didn’t matter to him, all he cared about was being ready to fight a fire while playing baseball.

This is what he made me wear, I think he was going for an umpire look and the only mask he could find was one from Star Wars. (notice how squished my nose is)

We made an awesome baseball duo in our Star Wars and firefighting gear.


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A True Story About Mondo

One time my roommater and I drank this juice “Mondo” for and saved the empty bottles. When we were done we placed the empty bottles on a boys bed then covered it up with his comforter. It was pretty much genius.



This was one of the most unhealthy pranks I have ever done, I mean look at the amount of Mondo I had to drink. It’s disgusting.

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Remember the time…

…we stayed up all night laughing until I couldn’t laugh anymore but couldn’t stop either which sounded like a grandpa wheezing? Which then made you laugh so hard you peed your pants?

Oh yea, and you were wearing a tutu on your head while holding a balloon with ninjas on it. I am so glad I caught this moment on camera.

I love my life. I apologize for how embarrassing this picture is.

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Problem in life..

Yesterday I looked awesome, not to toot my own horn or anything but, my outfit was perfect. The make up and the shoes and everything matched. It was like a work of art.

Why is that a problem? It’s not, it’s just I don’t look like that every day and on the days I look like absolute crap, ya know like the day I thought it’d be a good idea to wear an XXL black t-shirt with an apple logo on it, brown leggings, no make up, glasses, oh yea and of course I didn’t brush my hair and it may or may not have looked like I had been electrocuted…those are the days I run into people, the days when people wanna have small talk and I didn’t even bother to brush my teeth. I am not a gross or ugly person, yesterday I looked AWESOME! Why can’t I be that way every day?

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Me and my SNUGGIE family

I might have an addiction to “As Seen On TV” products, and I probably went out from 7pm to 7am in a SNUGGIE taking pictures, going to restaurants, bars, parties, basically everywhere and anywhere in the city wearing it. It was amazing how many people yelled “SNUGGIE” at us as we walked by, as if we were famous. They wanted to take pictures with us, some wanted to get a snuggie and join us on our snuggie tour. I think it was $14.95 well spent.
Me and my Snuggie family!

This video was capture at 3am in a Pizza place on top of the counter of course. Just one of the many places we were caught dancing.

Don’t worry, the Ellen show put one of our pictures up on the show. She loves SNUGGIES.


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Little Kid Scoop

Summer has kept me busy and away from my blog, for that I apologize. I’ll give you a little kid scoop to satisfy your whatsthatblog needs.

-I got a new wallet from Vera Bradley that I am going to run away with because I love it that much

-My new guilty pleasure is the song “Get Back” by Demi Lovato and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Although I am a little embarrassed.

-My sister took the dress I was planning on wearing this Saturday to South America where she will be for the next 4 months (tragic I know)

-While my sister is gone I’ve been using her car as my own. I am already sick of driving, the drivers side door doesn’t work so whenever I want to get in or out I have to crawl through the passenger side, it’s super ghetto and downright hilarious when I get in or out in front of a large group of people.

lomaichi said I was an interesting girl. I agree and I love Lomaichi for saying it, thanks.

– I was in Kentucky for the weekend of the 4th and it rained the entire time. My cousin told me he imagines people in Chicago walking around in leather pants, leather shirt, and a piece of pizza in hand.

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