Me and my SNUGGIE family

I might have an addiction to “As Seen On TV” products, and I probably went out from 7pm to 7am in a SNUGGIE taking pictures, going to restaurants, bars, parties, basically everywhere and anywhere in the city wearing it. It was amazing how many people yelled “SNUGGIE” at us as we walked by, as if we were famous. They wanted to take pictures with us, some wanted to get a snuggie and join us on our snuggie tour. I think it was $14.95 well spent.
Me and my Snuggie family!

This video was capture at 3am in a Pizza place on top of the counter of course. Just one of the many places we were caught dancing.

Don’t worry, the Ellen show put one of our pictures up on the show. She loves SNUGGIES.



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2 responses to “Me and my SNUGGIE family

  1. Way to go! All hail the mighty Snuggie!

  2. Denise

    I am already sorry for asking…but what’s a snuggie? (Forgive me, I am European :P)

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