During a preschool gymnastics class that I coach;

3 year old Anna: “Do you have a mommy?”
3 year old Hannah: “Of course I do!”
Anna turns around and asks another girl: “Do YOU have a mommy?”
4 year old Samantha: “Yep!”
Finally Anna looked at me and asked: “Coach…Do you have a mommy?”
I nodded.
Anna: “I don’t know if I have one…all I know is I have to move far away today”

My heart broke. I haven’t seen Anna since, she was adopted by a family and had to move that day. She has lived in 5 different foster homes. God I hope she is doing well. She was seriously the sweetest and most easy going 3 year old I have ever met.

That tiny conversation with a 3 year old made me really appreciate my mom


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  1. Mom

    Awe! You’re sweet! Thanks! Yooou made my day!!!!!

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