Step Moms and Robotic Bugs

Every time I visit boyfriends step mother I come back with a bunch of junk she tells me is priceless that nobody would want. This is the same woman who bought me extra large lingerie for Christmas a few years ago. I went to visit her Sunday and in just one visit I came back with enough ridiculous gifts I couldn’t even twitter about them all because it would take more than 140 characters.

The first gifts was this Hex Bug, it reacts to light and sound like a real bug. She was so excited about it I had to respond in the same manner and tell her how cool I thought it was.
It’s a robotic bug, I hate bugs. Not to mention its about as hard to operate as a toy car but on the side of the package it says “Don’t for children under 14 years.” Somebody needs to check their grammar and what kind of 9 year old kid can’t play with a toy bug?

Next gift, The amazing non stop top.
With a built in light show, need I say more?

Gift number three, Cyber Clean (aka Schmutz absorber aka GAK)
Apparently I am suppose to use it to clean my keyboard, yea that’s not happening. I don’t care if it works, it smells like bleached puke.

Then she gave me some tea, I was excited about it because I love tea. Then I found out the tea had been opened and used, she gave me her leftovers.

She also gave me some honey straws to go in my tea. That would have been ok if they weren’t expired and black licorice flavored honey. But they were.

To top it off she gave me a circular storage box she says I should use it to hold soap and stuff, she used to use it to hold her pajamas. It has a hole in the bottom. Boxes with holes in them don’t work.



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2 responses to “Step Moms and Robotic Bugs

  1. This is a very strange woman. However, I’m very tempted by the Cyber Clean, even if it does smell like bleached puke.

  2. Amanda

    hehehe, oh how i love her presents, always new, exciting, and beyond weird!

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