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7 year old Matthew’s thoughts about our President…

7 year old Matthew watched a scary movie with his family. The movie had the abominable snowman in it. A few days later Matthew’s parents were watching the news. Matthew started screaming and freaking out…

Matthew: “I HATE the President!! I hate him I hate him”
His mother: “Why? Sweety what did he do?”
Matthew: “He’s the Obamanable snowman!”


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I love her more than I love ipods, cookies, handstands and sweatpants.

I love that when we met 18 years ago we tackled each other we’ve been friends ever since.

I love her even though when we were 5 years old she told me she didn’t want to be friends with me because I wore glasses and had an old lady name.

I love that when we were 11 years old we were pen pals and in every letter she would send me a quarter because she knew I liked gum balls.

I love that when I told her I was sad because I couldn’t be an olympic gymnast she made me play “Olympics” with her which is a game she made up and I won the gold medal.

I love that in high school when I wanted to go on a date with a boy and didn’t want my parents to know about it, she dropped me off and picked me up because I didn’t have my license.

I love that we got in trouble at church for having “Pee Races”

I love that we took pictures of ourselves wearing matching t-shirts while holding apples, olives, and mayo.

I love knowing that when I’m too old to walk on my own, she won’t be able to walk either and we’ll have wheel chair races.

She is one of the greatest, and today I am celebrating her life.


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The Big Scary “L” Word.

Boy #1: “I’ll love you forever”
He’s gay now, I’m happy for him and his boyfriend

Boy#2: “I love you”
Me: “Thank you”
yea that didn’t work out

Boy#3 after we were together for 2 weeks: “I love you”
Me: “Are you kidding?” Sarcastically, “Should I take my pants off now?”
He wasn’t really what I call a keeper.

“I’m falling for you”
I didn’t tell him I felt the same, he left without saying goodbye.

Boy#5: “You’re the dream girl, you’re the one”
Me: “It’s not me, It can’t be me”

I have decided that I don’t want to be told those three words until the man saying the words is on one knee and not just to tie his shoe. My boyfriend is great, I really like him. Last Thursday without thinking I said “Love you” on the phone, he laughed, I made an awkward noise then hung up. It was precious.

I won’t be using the big scary L word anytime soon. Unless I’m talking to my mom, because I love her.


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