The Big Scary “L” Word.

Boy #1: “I’ll love you forever”
He’s gay now, I’m happy for him and his boyfriend

Boy#2: “I love you”
Me: “Thank you”
yea that didn’t work out

Boy#3 after we were together for 2 weeks: “I love you”
Me: “Are you kidding?” Sarcastically, “Should I take my pants off now?”
He wasn’t really what I call a keeper.

“I’m falling for you”
I didn’t tell him I felt the same, he left without saying goodbye.

Boy#5: “You’re the dream girl, you’re the one”
Me: “It’s not me, It can’t be me”

I have decided that I don’t want to be told those three words until the man saying the words is on one knee and not just to tie his shoe. My boyfriend is great, I really like him. Last Thursday without thinking I said “Love you” on the phone, he laughed, I made an awkward noise then hung up. It was precious.

I won’t be using the big scary L word anytime soon. Unless I’m talking to my mom, because I love her.



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6 responses to “The Big Scary “L” Word.

  1. Mom

    HILARIOUS!!!! πŸ˜€

  2. walkaroundtheworld

    you are too funny…i can’t even handle it.

  3. Too funny. I follow the same line of thinking, the fellow & i had a discussion of the L word and various implications.
    my favorite is boy #3.

  4. crash

    If Shawn is #6, then you forgot #7.

    Boy#7 “You cheating bitch!”
    Me: “Come on uncle Jerry! We’re going to my bedroom..”

  5. random

    haha it’s a dodgey lil phrase sometimes.
    my first lil ‘l’ story goes a lil something like this…
    boy #1:
    will you be my girlfriend?
    hehe… *pause*… yes.
    boy #1:
    now you can say it…
    say what?
    boy #1:
    i love you
    ohh… ahh… cool.

    i don’t think he liked that.
    but i’ve grown up since then and now i’ve found someone i really do love πŸ™‚

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